Time Sensitive? Temp-sensitive? No problem.

Whatever your transportation needs, we’ve got you covered. We have a variety of trucks to handle your transportation needs. And with our daily direct service across the U.S. and Canada we can design our routes to fit your distribution lanes, whether inbound or outbound. Our Logistics Division is designed to coordinate your every transportation need.

We provide expedited service utilizing team drivers to guarantee your shipment reaches its destination within desired time. We have a variety of trucks to handle your transportation needs. We offer temperature controlled shipment for cargo of all kinds, from perishable or not, frozen or fresh, challenging multi drop to international. So no matter what the conditions, we at MIT can help. Nobody ensures your cargo arrives safer, faster, or in a more cost-efficient manner than Mit Express, Inc.


We at Mit Express, Inc. take pride in our service. Our trucks are kept in perfect condition to meet your logistic needs from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Not only do our drivers undergo a rigorous program of safety and security training to ensure loss-prevention, but we will modify our procedures to meet your security needs. Our nationwide network of secure lots and satellite monitoring helps ensure your cargo reaches its destination--on time and in-tact--guaranteed. Whether you require emergency, expedited service or not—Mit Express, Inc. is on the job.